Past Events – “6 Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Potential in your Sales Force“



6 Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Potential in your Sales Force  

Date: April 26, 2013 | Time: 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Venue: Brookside Country Club

2770 West Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43235

What would be the profit opportunity to your business if all the sales team members could be as good as your top 10%?

What if it were possible to actually identify the sales genetics of top performers before you actually hired them?

Ever wonder why only a small percentage of your sales team are Superstar-”A” Players?

Why is it that some salespeople turn out great while others struggle and eventually fail on your team?


Presented by Executive Business Coach Rick Crossland

Let’s face it; your sales pipeline represents your future sales.  But time and time again, your sales team presents something that looks more like a pipe dream.  Do you ever get tired of looking at the same bloated and stagnant prospect names while your sales team has on happy faces promising the deals will definitely come through, although they will not commit to when?   How often does your sales team promise quota, but under deliver?

What would it look like to turn your sales pipeline from an arduous and numbing process into a predictable Revenue System for the business that drives predictable conversions?  What if this same process could actually also change the accountability of your organization in a positive, transformational way?

Top sales people drive results.   Results drive profits.

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Business attire is required.  Breakfast will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you on April 26th!